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Ph.D. (U.S.), Magna cum laude

M.D. (India)

IPHM Accredited Therapist (U.K.)

Former AFPA CN 

Former ISSA Personal Trainer

Nat'l Health & Safety Foundation

Published in several national and trade publications

Published Author

Scientific American panelist

2,000+ events

Ordained in 2009

Off- grid in 1989

Various certificates and awards

Ongoing wildlife studies

...The Forest Guru

Forest Guru – that’s me – tiny Scottish woman who lives in the forest. After my Ph.D. and years of teaching college I, by necessity, started to study natural health on 3 continents, with everyone from village shamans and herbalists to surgeons and scientists. I eventually obtained a Medical Doctorate in Alternative Medicines with a Specialist Certificate in Integrative Medicine.


I was very fortunate to work with hospitals and physicians in the Lehigh Valley who also believed that medicine should not be segregated and that there is value in treating every aspect of the body with the best means available.


Sometimes this is a simple, natural remedy and sometimes it means modern, state-of-the-art treatment. Most times, a combination is ideal, and I wanted to be one of those doctors who can set aside their ego and work cooperatively to develop individualized, high quality care. 


Throughout my over half-century of life, I have been blessed with opportunities to travel the world and learn some amazing ways to sustain our health, sanity, and planet. Now retired, my daughter has inspired and assisted me in sharing them with you.
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Wildlife Habitat 2390

Proceeds from specific product sales and donations from amazing people like you provide wildlife housing, food, clean water supply, and safety for dozens of species of wildlife. No hunting or logging is permitted here - just love and care for wild animals. 

Warmth from the Woods

is a project that provides warm and comforting blankets to children in need. Most of these blankets are quilted, crocheted, or crafted with love and distributed locally.

You can help children in homeless shelters, pediatric wards, foster care, children of struggling veterans, and those in impoverished rural families, with your donation of blankets, fabric, yarn, purchased fleece blankets or a monetary donation - all going 100% toward the project. All our labor and travel is volunteer!

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